General fees

Copy of Official Check: $2.00
Stop Payment in a Official Check: $10.00
Deposited item returned (per item) $25.00
Account history: $4.00 per statement
Visa Gift Card: $1.50
American Express Gift Checks: $1.25
Certified Check: Free

On-Line Bill Payer

Stop Payment: ~ $10.00


Bill payer service: Free
Bill payer inactivity fee: $5.00 per month after third (3rd)

Checking accounts

Stop payment: $10.00
Monthly Service Fee: $2.00
Returned check: $25.00
Copy of cleared check: $2.00
Check orders First box of checks: Free
Additional check orders: Cost
Overdraft Service fees (ATM, Sharedraft, ACH, Debit Card, Bill Pay): $25.00
Courtesy pay*: $4.00

*Courtesy Pay Disclosure – BHCU will have the discretion to pay overdrafts (ACH, Check or Automatic Bill Payments), subject to the limit of your Courtesy Pay privilege. In order to have Courtesy Pay privilege provided to your Debit Card/POS transactions BHCU is required to have an Opt In request on record. Participating members Courtesy Pay limit is $800, including fees at any given time. Credit Union fee to honor each overdraft item is $25.00. Once an account remains in an overdraft status for more than 7 consecutive days, a $4.00 penalty fee is assessed each day until the account is brought current. Once an account is overdrawn for 14 consecutive days, the Courtesy Pay privilege is rescinded. Once an account has reached 60 consecutive days overdrawn, the account will be charged off. The total of the discretionary Courtesy Pay privilege (negative) balance is due and payable upon demand. While BHCU will have the discretion to pay overdrafts on an account, any such payment is a discretionary courtesy, and not a right of the member or an obligation of BHCU and BHCU in its sole and absolute discretion, can cease paying overdrafts at any time without prior notice of reason or cause.

Other Fees

ACH stop payment: $10.00
Dormant account fee: $10.00
Wire transfer fees: Incoming: $3.50
Outgoing: $20.00
International: $35.00
Writ of execution: $75.00
Escheat fee: $75.00
Tax levy: $75.00
Other IRS action: $75.00
Replace ATM/Debit card Free first occurrence
$5.00 thereafter
Account reconciliation: $25.00
Early account closure: $10.00 new account closed within 90 days
Money Order: $2.00
Overnight Mail Cost
Loan Late Fee 16 days or more: 5% of Principal & lnterset due on any installment
IRA fees: Closure: $ 25.00
Transfer: $ 25.00